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Our New Long Team Penny Stock Play Is Laredo Resources Corp. (LRDR) Another Home Run?

Our New Pick Is (LRDR)

Greetings Traders,

Whoever said that the mineral exploration business is slow going these days hasn’t seen my latest alert.

Since being founded in 2010 this rocket of a company has transformed itself into a $26.78 million force of nature and the secret to its success is legendary.

Since acquiring the 4,000 acre Pony Gold package of properties, Wall Street has been abuzz with talk of this company making millions.

That talk has fed right into its trading profile and since late July the company has added more than 700% to its 12-month low.

But that’s not even the half of it. What has really kept Wall Street alert is the company’s gain potential. This figure based on my due diligence, is a whopping 600%!

This is massive opportunity for folks so get in the game as soon as you possibly can.

My Newest Multi-Trillion “Mining” Play Is…

*** Laredo Resources Corp. (OTCQB: LRDR) ***

lrdr logo

LRDR (Laredo Resources Corp.) is a publicly-reporting Nevada corporation in the business of mineral exploration.

LRDR On November 2, 2012, Laredo entered into a letter agreement with Magna Management Ltd. (“Magna”) under which Laredo has been granted the exclusive right, for a period of sixty (60) days, to negotiate for the purchase of all rights held by Magna in the property known as Pony Mountain Gold.

LRDR’s Pony Mountain Gold property is comprised of an approximately 4000-acre package of properties containing several previously-mined, underground hard-rock vein systems, such as the Mountain Cliff, Strawberry-Keystone, Amy, and Atlantic-Pacific (A-P) mines.

LRDR has already engaged qualified miners to help with the excavating work needed to capitalize on Pony Mountain Gold’s proven mineral deposits.

Top Investor Highlights

·        LRDR grown massively since starting operations back in 2010 and the company now has a staggering market cap of more than $26.78 million based on current valuation.

·        LRDR has made super easy for traders to access profits. RSI is a very strong 59 and market valuation is pushing hard towards the first resistance point of

·        LRDR’s has added more than 733% on its 12-month low of 0.0150 since July and traders have been very bullish towards the play.

·        LRDR’s moving averages been on fire in the last few weeks. 20-day MA is up 316.67% and its 5-day MA is strong having gained 78.57%

·        LRDR’s Pony Mountain Gold acquisition has produced more than 300,000 ounces of gold since the late 19th century. The company hopes to extract even more gold and minerals from under the surface.


HSBC Tips Gold for Big Rise

HSBC Global Research raised its 2013 gold price forecast and said physical demand is becoming a major driver for the yellow metal.

The bank lifted its gold price outlook for this year to $1,446 per ounce from $1,396, and kept its 2014 forecast unchanged at $1,435 an ounce. Spot gold was trading at $1,330.66 at 17:36 GMT on Thursday.

“Physical demand for jewelry, coins, and bars from China, especially, are supportive and becoming a key driver,” HSBC said in a note on Thursday.

The bank said investment demand for gold will remain weak as gold’s use as a safe haven ebbs.

Expectations that the US Federal Reserve will reduce stimulus measures will continue to weigh on the gold market, HSBC said.

“We expect gold’s near-term direction to be highly data dependent and is likely to be volatile.”

The prospect of a stronger US dollar as a result of Fed tightening is likely to present headwinds to further gold rallies, the bank said.

Analysts at Commerzbank commented to the Financial Times, “China remains the key driver of gold demand and is able to offset weak investment demand [in the Western world] to some extent.”

The country’s total gold consumption in 2013 is expected, by the World Gold Council, to reach 1,000 metric tons. This would make China the number one gold consumer in the world, surpassing India.

But that’s not to say that India lost its centuries-long cultural affinity for gold, despite the current government’s and central bank’s efforts to limit gold ownership.

Gold demand from India traditionally picks up in the September-December period because of the wedding season and the festival of Diwali.

A major factor coming into play in India this year that will drive higher gold prices may sound surprising, but translates into surging demand

lrdr 1


Pony Mountain Gold is Solid Acquisition for LRDR

The Pony Mountain Gold property sits below the Tobacco Root Mountains, just one of the staggering 77 mountain ranges found in the State of Montana. The name Montana comes from Montaña, the Spanish word for mountain. Early Spanish explorers had named the region Montaña del Norte and it was a name that stuck when the United States claimed the area as a territory in the 1800s.


In pioneer times, this area’s rivers were important avenues of travel for both early explorers and the indigenous native population. Heavy traffic on these same rivers led to the discovery of gold in 1852. The subsequent gold rush established numerous gold rush camps, some of which rapidly transformed into bustling towns.

Prospectors set out from new gold rush settlements like Virginia City to stake their own claims in the Montana wilderness.

In 1866, a wandering star prospector named Smith McCumpsey discovered coarse and nugget gold in a creek 25 miles north of Virginia City. Mr. McCumpsey was of such small stature that he was known by his peers as “Pony” McCumpsey, thus the area he prospected became known as Pony.

Most of the early mining done in Pony was placer mining along Pony Creek. Additional water was diverted from Cataract Creek to supplement the brief period of mining which lasted until the mid 1870′s.

Lode mining began in 1875 at the Strawberry Mine, about two miles above the town. The outcrop for the Strawberry Mine lay in a patch of wild strawberries. Just below the Strawberry Mine, another group of prospectors found some float quartz so full of gold it could be pounded out by using a mortar and pestle.

Other claims were staked nearby and some turned into producing mines. Among them were the Crystal, the Keystone, the Ned, the Bismark, the Belle, the Clipper, and the Boss Tweed.

Although these mines had short lives, it’s estimated that the mines comprising the Pony Mountain Gold property produced approximately 300,000 ounces of gold from the late 19th century to the early 20th century.

With such a rich mining history, the acquisition of Pony Mountain Gold will no doubt provide a boost to LRDR’s growth potential.

Begin your research on LRDR right now.



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